How to Enjoy Camping in the Rain

Well, it’s raining in the Pacific Northwest — again. And with fall officially here, rain will become the norm. In spite of that fact however, don’t let the foreboding thought of rain discourage you from venturing out camping. Contrary to what some may think, camping in the rain can be just as fun and relaxing as in the summer sun. Don’t believe me?

A large reason why people struggle in the elements is that they’re ill-prepared for what the weather may bring. As such, here are a few tips to prevent the rain from ruining your outing, courtesy Camping Blogger.

  • Tarps! Without tarps, canopies, and rainflys, you might as well just stay home. There’s absolutely no hope of staying dry without some sort of added protection from the elements.
  • Waterproof bags. The last thing you want to happen is to discover a wet bag of your belongings. Even the best of tents and tarps sometimes spring leaks.
  • Watertight LED light. Ever notice how not all lights perform well in the elements? You’ll need a reliable LED torch.
  • Hot drinks. Mmm. There’s just something about a hot drink that soothes the body when its wet and cold. Coffee, cocoa, tea, cider — they’ll all do the trick.
  • Camp shoes. Personally, I wear a pair of waterproof shoes whenever I camp, so no matter how wet it is, my feet always stay dry. Another alternative is bringing an extra pair of shoes to wear while your wet pair dries.

Adventuring in the elements doesn’t have to be a terrible experience. Given the right camping equipment, you can still enjoy the outdoors no matter what the season.

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