Holiday Shopping: How to Spot a Quality Multi-Tool

LED 130 LED Micro Pliers multi-toolA smart shopper always prepared to compare products. However, this kind of informed buying can be difficult when you’re shopping for a gift. Multi-tools, for instance, are sophisticated enough to offer dozens of different features. How can you be sure the multi-tool you purchase for a loved one will be used regularly, and that it will last? Our holiday shopping guide below is the answer. Read on to learn what to look for in a quality multi-tool.

Features. First, decide which features your gift recipient needs most. Multi-tools can be used for hunting, on-the-fly repairs, camping and much more. Figure out where and why the multi-tool will be used most – this will help you prioritize attachments and features. For instance, a computer technician would benefit from a tool that includes lots of slim screwdriver attachments for opening computer cases. Campers, on the other hand, would look for a saw blade (for cutting up firewood), a can opener, a strong knife and perhaps wire cutters for tent repair.

Size. Size is another individual preference that should be considered when buying a multi-tool. Will you or the intended recipient want to keep the tool nearby at all times? If so, a smaller, lightweight model will probably suit your purposes better.

Warranty. High-quality multi-tools are often covered by a warranty. Ideally, a top-notch multi-tool will also have replaceable parts – when one attachment breaks, you should be able to get a substitute for it. By the way, we back all of our COAST products, including our multi-tools, with a lifetime guarantee against defects in manufacturing and materials.

Usability. The experience of actually using the multi-tool should be smooth and easy. Feeding into this is the question of whether the user can adjust the tension in the handle. Also, look for locking mechanisms that aren’t difficult to activate and that are sure to keep the knife blade in place. (Anything less is just dangerous.) Finally, check that the attachments are easy to pull out.

Materials. Thin, cheap steel will eventually rust. Look for multi-tools made of high-grade stainless steel. For instance, our award-winning LED150 2-LED Pocket Pliers multi-tool has a blade made with tough, corrosion-resistant 3Cr13 stainless steel.

Smart design. Well-made multi-tools pack plenty of components into a compact package. For instance, our LED130 LED Micro Pliers multi-tool combines a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and wire stripper all into one component. This reduces weight and adds usability. Moreover, we are one of the few manufacturers to include LEDs in the handle of many of our multi-tools. This allows the user to clearly see what it is he or she is doing with the tool, no matter how dark the surroundings.

As you shop for multi-tools this holiday season, keep these hallmarks of quality in mind.

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