Holiday Gift Spotlight: COAST HP3 Twist-Focus LED Inspection Light

This holiday season, we’re highlighting COAST products that make fantastic gifts. Today’s spotlight product is the HP3 LED inspection light, an LED flashlight that will light up the face of any technician this year. Plumbers, home inspectors, mechanics and general contractors would all love to receive this LED light as a gift, as would hobbyists who require bright light for visually intense activities such as sewing and modeling.

What sets this LED flashlight apart is its sophisticated optics system. The HP3 offers two light settings: For a circle of consistent, bright light, dial the focusing bezel to flood light. This is an ideal light for close-up work. Or, if you need to focus on something specific while also seeing nearby objects, choose the Bulls-Eye Spot™ setting, which creates a hot spot of highly focused light with a surrounding halo of more diffuse light. This is an excellent light beam for inspecting pipes, wires and other elements in home construction. Car mechanics love the fact that this flashlight can help them focus on parts deep in the engine while still illuminating surrounding components.

This 80-lumen LED light is also designed for portability. Its .56-inch diameter and 5.9-inch length make it easy to slip into a shirt pocket – and the no-slip pocket clip will keep in there. Even if the HP3 should drop and bounce against the floor, the unbreakable LED will still work. Another durability feature: a rubberized O-ring, adding water resistance. Finally, its aluminum casing is rust- and corrosion-resistant.

All in all, the HP3 LED flashlight is tough and utilitarian. This LED light makes a great stocking stuffer – and one that comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials. Whether you’re shopping for an inspector or you just want a bright light to illuminate your family member in case of an emergency, the HP3 makes a great holiday gift.

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