Product Spotlight: HL5 Headlamp Provides Great Power at an Affordable Price

HL5 headlampAn LED headlamp is a huge asset in any situation that requires light. Because they shine light exactly where you need it while leaving your hands free for working, headlamps are commonly used by hunters, mechanics, pest control technicians and other professionals or hobbyists who work with their hands.

As one LED headlamp reviewer at The Hunt & Shoot Network put it, “Field dressing a rabbit whilst holding a torch is not for the faint-hearted and usually results in a torch covered in blood and guts.”

The COAST HL5 headlamp provides the perfect combination of power and affordability, so you can get a great beam without investing a lot of money. Its 175-lumen output casts a broad, even beam that lasts just shy of four hours on a single set of batteries.

“I can honestly say that I cannot fault the HL5 in design or performance,” the reviewer at The Hunt & Shoot Network goes on to say. “The beam is fantastic and the design is simplistic and effective. … Throw the lifetime guarantee into the equation and you’ve got a headlamp that simply cannot be overlooked.”

Here’s what other reviewers are saying about the HL5 headlamp:

An user awarded this LED headlamp five stars, saying, “The light sat very comfortably on my head and produced plenty of light to guide my way. … I’m thinking about buying a couple more.”

Home Depot shoppers also praised the HL5 headlamp, giving it 4.7 out of five stars. “After purchasing all kinds of LED lights that never seem to last, this one is worth every penny. I use it all the time,” one reviewer said. Another added, “It lights up my whole back yard and shines about 30-40 yards with a bright white light – not the blue light that a lot of LED lights produce. I bought it for hunting, but it should also work great for home repairs when a hands-free light is needed.”

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