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If you are embarking on a hiking trip you are taking part in a relaxing and fun activity. Much of the enjoyment you derive from this activity, however, might very well be undermined if you do not use the proper equipment and probably the most important gear item to select is a solid pair of hiking boots. Hiking boots provide a number of “services” while out on the trail including preventing blisters, maintaining traction on rough terrain, preventing ankle injuries, keeping your feet from getting wet when crossing small streams, etc. Keep in mind, even minor injuries or discomforts will grow progressively worse on a trail if you are not wearing the proper hiking boots. Yet, many people try and navigate trails wearing sneakers and their ilk. That won’t work! In fact, it can even pose a safety hazard. So, play it safe and play it smart: stick with a reliable pair of hiking boots when you head out on the trails. There are several different reputable brands to choose from – ask your outdoor retailer for help finding the right pair for the type of hiking you will be doing.

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