Hiking Gear Checklist: COAST’s Most Popular Hiking Info

camping gear scoreHere at COAST, we aim to provide helpful information for campers, backpackers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. As peak hiking season hits, we’ve compiled some of our most popular hiking-related resources to help enrich your outdoor experience and keep you safe on the trail:

5 Desert Hiking Tips. Learn the best time of day to hike in the desert, as well as quintessential hiking gear to bring, including an LED flashlight or headlamp. This post also includes tips to help you compensate for the extraordinary dryness and quickly shifting temperatures of a desert environment.

Green Camping and Hiking Tips for Earth Day. Chances are, if you own any hiking gear at all, you know the basic rules of green hiking (i.e. remove any trash, waste or other items that you bring onto the trail). This post summarizes best practices for protecting the environment as you hike.

Hiking Voted Favorite Camping Activity and Outdoor Recreation. Inspired by the 2012 About.com Reader’s Choice pick of hiking as the country’s favorite camping activity and outdoor recreation, this post goes on to list reasons why people love to hike, as well as a basic packing list of hiking gear and a few tips on how to plan your next adventure.

4 Ways to Help Preserve Hiking Trails. For those who are passionate about protecting their favorite hiking treks, this post lists volunteer opportunities for trail maintenance and repair. It also explains why it’s important to stay on the trail when hiking, rather than taking shortcuts across switchbacks or venturing off trail.

Must-Haves for Seasonal Hiking. No need to keep all those lists of hiking gear in your head – just bookmark this post and you’ll remember to bring an LED flashlight, sunglasses and other crucial hiking items.

Backpacking: How to Properly Load Your Pack. While most hikers know to bring an LED flashlight or other form of illumination even on day hikes, fewer people know how to best pack a backpack. This post will help you achieve a well-balanced, comfortable pack.



[ Photo by: lindsay.dee.bunny, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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