Hiking and Your Health

When people think of hiking they generally think of it in terms of a leisure activity. There are many powerful mental health benefits that can come from hiking in the clean, fresh air, observing and enjoying nature, stimulating your brain and your muscles. The physical benefits that hiking delivers are in fact, many. The most obvious would be the cardiovascular benefits that help develop a strong heart. Hikers can choose a long but easy relatively flat trailway to hike or a more difficult, inclined hike and still get an excellent workout for their heart.

There is also the calorie burning benefits of hiking. Hiking works a number of muscles in the back and legs, making it great exercise for those looking to shed a few pounds.  Exercise like hiking can also reduce bone loss as one gets up in age.

Many of us are always looking for new ways to get our weekly exercise in without the monotony of going to the gym every day.  Scheduling a hike in on a Saturday afternoon or after work one evening could be just the way to keep you excited about improving your health. 

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