Helping Haiti Recover from Disaster

Peacekeeping - MINUSTAHIt seemed like the world was in a fog following the disastrous events in Haiti last week. I know I was…

The Caribbean nation experienced a massive 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday that left the country in ruins, and over 100,000 people are estimated dead. While learning about such a tragedy was heart-wrenching, I was encouraged to see immediate efforts to collect resources and send aid to the hurting nation. Countless relief organizations began allocating funds, governments mobilized aide workers, and many people began generously giving — even in the midst of a financial crisis. This outpouring of money and resources has overwhelmingly shown us that love for your fellow man is more important than personal wealth and prosperity.

If you haven’t already, Coast asks you to consider what you can do to help the people of Haiti as they struggle to get back on their feet. A large number of relief organizations are using donations to support recovery efforts, and you can find a few of them listed here.

If you cannot give financially at this point, many officials and experts have made it clear that the road to recovery will not be short, and it will not be easy. Haiti will need our continued support — watch for more opportunities to help in the future.

[photo: United Nations Development Programme]

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