Haiti’s Earthquake: Would You Have Been Prepared?

Earthquake KitIn yesterday’s post,  I touched on the tragedy in Haiti last week. I mentioned that despite the immense devastation, I was encouraged by the world’s response of generous giving. And while that was true, I also found myself wondering about the seeming unpreparedness that some organizations have displayed in sending aid to the hurting nation. This, of course, led me to the question, “Why weren’t more people prepared for this?” Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes — these things happen. Just because we don’t know exactly when they’re coming doesn’t exclude the fact that we know they are coming. And then I probed a little deeper, asking myself a similar question: Would I have been prepared for a disaster like this were it to strike my own home?

Quite honestly, I had to say no. Unfortunately, I imagine many others would respond similarly given the same question. So, in light of my personal negligence and disregard for safety, I’ve compiled a number of references below on earthquake kits and earthquake safety.

1. Preparing an Earthquake Kit — This article from Coast will tell you everything you need to know about a first-rate earthquake kit.

2. Uses of LED Lanterns in Emergency Situations — This article will give you an idea regarding the versatility of LED lanterns.

3. The following three articles are produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a branch of Homeland Security:

Use these resources to educate and motivate yourself to prepare for a disaster like an earthquake. And you can bet I’ll be taking my own advice.

[photo: Mr Wabu]

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