Green Campgrounds Get Even Greener

Campground Solar PanelIn the previous post, I added my own thoughts to the new business partnership between KOA campgrounds and Airstream trailers. Today, I found another interesting article about campgrounds and RV parks that I have similar sentiments about…

The premise of this particular article highlighted a number of campgrounds and RV parks that are investing in energy and water saving technologies. Specifically, as the article puts it: “spending green to go green.” The irony, of course, is that these places — places where people have been going for decades to reconnect with nature — are now having to retreat back to nature themselves.

Suffice it to say, something’s not quite right with this picture. If anything, I suppose it just goes to show that our modern-day consumerism has finally made its way to the sacred spaces we held most dear, the spaces that led us away from modern conveniences, technology, noise. In effect, the places we once labeled “as green as it gets” aren’t green enough anymore. I think that’s tragic.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with conservation and energy-saving technologies. We here at Coast are the first to stand behind that statement. I mean, we’re pioneering one of the greatest energy-saving innovations of the decade: the LED. And we fully support efforts in the direction of bettering our environment, obviously. It’s just unfortunate to see the establishments that are essentially “closest” to our environment have to orient themselves back to it. That’s all.

[photo: HandsLive]

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