Go Glamping – a Look at Glamorous Camping

GlampingSome people are just natural MacGyvers. Send them into the woods with nothing but a compass and a multi tool, and within hours they’ll have a shelter built, a campfire blazing and a foraged meal cooking away.

Others are not. While they may have an occasional hankering for nature, they also yearn for all the creature comforts that hard-core campers scorn. It was for these types that glamping was invented.

Glamping (glamorous camping, or the polar opposite of ultra-light backpacking) is for people who don’t know a multi tool from a hatchet – or those who know the difference but would rather just sip a Mimosa instead. It’s a form of camping that utilizes the newest innovations in outdoor gear to bring as many of the luxuries of home as possible into the campsite with you. Following is a look at what glamping is and how to do it.

How Glamping Evolved

Glamping may sound like a hip new trend, but its origins stretch back to the early 1900′s, when safaris became popular among the rich. Eager to explore the wilderness of Africa but not too excited about leaving behind their servants and Persian rugs, the wealthy stayed in luxurious tents furnished with antique furniture and luxury bedding. They even brought their chefs along to cook them gourmet meals.

As more and more suburban families are finding it harder to leave behind the comforts of home when camping, many luxury camping products and even posh glamping resorts have cropped up to provide an outdoor experience in indoor style.

What to Bring Glamping

Glamping requires a lot of gear. However, in the midst of all that camping luxury, don’t forget that true glampers also care about the environment and strive to keep their comforts as green as possible.

A spacious tent. Out in nature, you’ve got all the space in the world, so why cram yourself into a tiny tent? Glampers prefer spacious, multi-room tents that are large enough to stand up in. Lay down an area rug for opulence, and keep it well-lit with a hanging LED lantern; no self-respecting glamper should have to juggle a flashlight while trying to don her Juicy Couture.

A comfy bed. A sleeping bag doesn’t cut it for the glamper. Instead, think cots or bed-sized air mattresses covered with down quilts and high thread count sheets. Again, keep a bedside LED lantern handy for nighttime reading.

A sumptuous spread. No glamper would be caught dead opening a can of chili with a multi tool and sticking it in the fire. Instead, think marinated steak and salmon dinners, French press coffee, and strawberries dipped in melted chocolate for dessert.

The short of it is, just because you’re not big on roughing it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy camping. Nature is for everyone to enjoy – even those who prefer to keep it at arm’s length.

[Photo by: Ed Bierman]

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