Gift Ideas for The Survivalist in Your Life

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What do you give to a person who’s already prepared for anything? If you have survivalist friends, it can be difficult to find good holiday gifts. Fortunately, our Survivalist giving guide below can help you score big with the Preppers on your list this year. Read on to discover five gift ideas for survivalists.

The Gift of Survival: What to Give Survivalists this Holiday Season

 1. Double the Supplies, Double the Preparedness. Instead of racking your brain for that one survival item that your favorite Prepper lacks, give them universally useful preparation supplies. Chances are that your recipient’s family could use another multi-tool or sporting knife, for instance. In an emergency, it’s best for each member of the family to have his or her own multi-tool and/or knife. So if you give a dad a pair of our LED155 LED ProPocket pliers, junior will probably get his father’s old multi-tool as a hand-me-down, and the whole family will be that much better prepared for an emergency.

2. The Ability to Fish and Hunt is the Best Form of Preparation. No matter how many barrels of nitrogen-packed rice your survivalist friend has, he or she will still be craving protein in the post-apocalypse. Encourage your friend to hone his or her survival skills by gifting a fishing or hunting tool. Our FT111 Micro Fishing Tool is small enough to fit on a key ring, but is jam packed with handy accessories, including a fish hook eye cleaner, needle nose pliers for removing bones, a knife, and much more. And many of our sporting knives, including the RX313, offer both smooth and serrated edges for versatility when cleaning game.

3. Light: A Post-Disaster Security Blanket. While many survivalists have LED lights in their BOBs (Bug Out Bags), area LED lighting is less frequently included. We suggest giving your survivalist friends LED lanterns, such as our EAL20, which offers up to 375 lumens for 100 hours of run time on a single set of batteries. Area light boosts psychological security in disaster situations. You can also give your survivalist friends candles and LED candles for softer lighting options.

4.  If You can Wear It, You Can Use It. A keychain multi-tool or paracord bracelet can be at hand all the time, maximizing your Prepper’s chance of survival. Small, travel-ready survival supplies are always a smart gift.

5. Maintenance Gifts: The Gifts that Keep On Giving. Here’s the thing about the post-apocalypse world: There probably won’t be much support for keeping possessions in good working order. So giving your survivalist a maintenance tool is a great idea. For instance, if you know he or she already has a great sporting knife, you could buy them our CM2 sharpener to ensure the blade is always ready to perform.

This holiday season, stuff your survivalist’s stocking with the great gift ideas listed above.

[photo by: GA-Kayakers on Flickr via CC License]

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