Get Ready to be Prepared: Free eBooks by COAST

COAST Products eBooksIf you’re like us, you prefer to be prepared whenever possible. Understanding the jargon surrounding a particular product, for instance, allows you to make more informed consumer choices; when you know how power tools are rated, you can more easily select the best model for your needs and price point. With such educated shoppers in mind, we’ve created two highly informative eBooks that will bring you up to speed on the ins and outs of the products we’re passionate about – namely LED flashlights, multi-tools and tactical knives.

The first title in our library of eBooks is A Flashaholic’s Guide to LED Flashlights. This is the perfect quick read for understanding the ANSI FL1 LED flashlight rating standards. You’ll learn how many lumens you actually need according to your intended use of the torch. Run time, light output, impact resistance and other features are illuminated in our guide. You’ll also gain insight into what makes a truly long-lasting, durable, high-quality LED flashlight.

Our second eBook is Tools for Survival: A Guide to Emergency Preparedness. This is a must-read for any human inhabitant of earth – after all, the natural disasters on our blue-green planet are becoming more intense with every passing season. Our eBook is an excellent introduction to emergency preparedness. It details how to gather an emergency kit, how to maintain and store your emergency supplies, and how to select tools for inclusion in your kit. For instance, we outline what to look for in a survival knife.

In just a couple of easy-to-digest dozen pages, these eBooks provide the information you and your family need to be prepared, wise consumers. We encourage you to download these free resources today.

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