Frogs Are Cool

cascades frog
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recently released a new pamphlet titled “Frogs are Cool: Facts About Frogs for Kids,” an informative and fun flyer aimed at raising awareness of the many endangered and sensitive species of frogs native to Oregon.

There are 16 species of frogs native to Oregon, and many are recognized as Oregon State Sensitive species, meaning they have small or declining populations. ODFW hopes the new frog awareness campaign will help kids and adults alike recognize and protect the protected species.

“Worldwide, frogs are in trouble and many are on the road to extinction,” the ODFW website says. “Habitat loss, pollution, pesticides, climate change, infectious diseases, the pet trade and invasive animal species are all causing problems for frogs.”

Want to help make a difference? Here are the top things you and your kids can do to help protect Oregon’s native frog population.

  1. Learn about frogs.
  2. Never keep a wild frog as a pet.
  3. Tell others about protecting frogs.
  4. Never release non-native frogs, such as ones used in science projects, into the wild.

Frog spotting is a great activity for hiking and camping – it’s silly, easy and educational. Download the “Frogs are Cool” pamphlet, make sure you have the proper camping or hiking gear, and get out there and enjoy some frogs!

[photo: Dan Hershman on Flickr via CC License]

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