Folding Knives – The Perks and Benefits

The Coast X-Frame Folder is a compact, durable folding knife.

The Coast X-Frame Folder is a compact, durable folding knife.

Let’s face it- bigger isn’t always better. When you’re out on a hiking trail or a fishing trip, you don’t usually want to be lugging around a giant Bowie knife. And a big skinning knife is really only useful when, well, you’re skinning something. If you’re in one of these situations, you need a durable, compact knife. Well, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with a folding knife! Here are a few reasons why folding knives are perfect for a lot of outdoor activities.

  1. Compact
    The great thing about folding knives is that they are a lot easier to carry and transport than regular knives. Why? They are so compact! Even the largest folding knife usually only reaches six to nine inches in length, and when they are folded they are about half that size. This means they take up less room in backpacks and pockets, leaving you more room for essentials.

  2. Durable
    Because they are so compact, folding knives are naturally durable. Most folding knives feature lockback designs, which secures the blade in place when open. Since the blade is smaller than most hunting knives there is less chance of it chipping. And a high-quality folding knife is made of the same stainless steel that hunting knives are.

  3. Inexpensive
    Most folding knives are less expensive than larger hunting and fishing knives. You can get a number of different styles of folding knife for the same price as one large hunting knife!

The next time you need an all-purpose knife for basic camping, hiking and fishing purposes, look no further than a folding knife. You’ll be glad you did.

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