Rapid Response Knives: What Is Blade Assist Technology

Some people say humans are the most successful species on earth because we specialize. If each of us had to figure out how to grow food, for instance, our complex civilizations would not exist. Through trade and barter, humans have been able to achieve what we have Folding Knife Imageprecisely because we don’t have to understand everything about our lives. The new line of Rapid Response Knives with Blade Assist Technology by COAST exemplifies the accomplishments our species can attain through specialization.

Setting the Stage: An Overview of Blade-Assist Technology

Blade Assist Technology represents a major innovation in blade-assist folding knife mechanics. To give a sense of context, an assisted-opening folding knife includes an internal mechanism to quickly open the knife. Typically, this opening apparatus is activated via a thumb stud. Users open assisted-opening folding knives by sliding the thumb stud along its track. At a certain point, usually when the knife is about a fourth of the way open, an internal component rapidly flips the blade into the open and locked position.

This opening procedure distinguishes assisted-opening folding knives from switchblade knives, which jut into the open position at the push of a button. Another key difference: Switchblade knives are illegal in many states, and you can’t use them in interstate commerce either. In contrast, assisted-opening folding knives are generally legal in the U.S. Be sure to check the regulations in your area.

A Folding Knives Revolution: Introducing Blade Assist Technology

When Blackie Collins created the first assisted-opening knife in 1995, he based the blade-opening technology on the strut of his Ducati motorcycle, which used a torsion spring to control and power the strut’s operation. Working along the same lines, knife  designer Ken Onion created assisted-opening blade technology that depended on a torsion spring; his design stemmed from a similar element in his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Ron Lake chose a very different approach when designing the blade-assist components in COAST’s line of Rapid Response folding knives. Considering that Lake is one of the most in-demand knife designers in the world, it’s not too surprising that he came up with an innovative approach. To reduce friction on the Rapid Response folding knives’ internal components, Lake incorporated a rolling cam into the blade, on which the traditional torsion spring rides. This makes for a very smooth blade-opening experience – some are even saying that this new line of Rapid Response folding knives may be the best blade-assist models ever created.

Advantages of Blade Assist Technology

Lake’s innovative design offers several benefits. First, it allows for an extremely quick, smooth opening. Second, the roller cam minimizes spring load on blade-assist components within the folding knife. Finally, the user experience when using Rapid Response folding knives is exceptional; these blade-assist knives may be opened with less spring force, making them easier to use.

Rapid Response knives feature several other unique elements. For instance, Ron Lake’s patented MAX-LOCK safety button securely locks the blade in both the open and closed positions. Moreover, the materials in each Rapid Response folding knife are strong enough to last a lifetime – indeed, COAST extends a limited lifetime warranty on this line of folding knives. The Rapid Response folding knives’ fiberglass-filled nylon handles in an open-frame design are extremely durable, light and ergonomic. The liners on the Rapid Response knives are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and the blades themselves are composed of 400-series, high- carbon content stainless steel.  Each knife is heat treated, tempered and then cryogenically frozen for the best combination of sharpness and flexibility. As you can see, COAST pulled out all the stops when creating its new line of Rapid Response blades.

Who Will Benefit Most from Folding Knives with Blade Assist Technology

Really, anyone who needs a knife that opens quickly will love the new Rapid Response folding knives. Hunters and anglers will enjoy having their blade available at the fast flick of a thumb. Those who carry folding knives for personal defense also aim to be the “fast draw” in case of an assault; Rapid Response folding knives are among the fastest assisted-opening blades in the world.

Finally, some people use assisted-opening knives for work. Firefighters, for instance, usually carry folding knives so that they’re prepared to cut victims loose of any restrictive rope or clothing. Individuals in the aforementioned groups will certainly benefit from the Blade Assist Technology featured in Rapid Response knives. However, even someone who just wants a good pocket knife will find Blade Assist Technology appealing.

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