Collecting Puma Knives | How Old Is My Blade

Folding, hunting or other fixed blade knives can be incredible collector items for those with an interest in seeking out rare knives. For those that have an interest in collecting Puma brand knives, they have a simple service on their web site to help you determine just how old your potential collectors item is.

Each Puma knife comes engraved with a number on the blade. Fixed blade knives will have the number near the finger guard and folding knives will have the number on the pushing spring. The number will either be 5, 3 or 2 digits.  If your knife has 5 digits, or 3 digits followed by “RC”, visit and enter the number into the year calculator to see just how old your knife is and whether it is worth anything as a collector’s piece.  If you have a 2 digit number etched on your knife, it will most likely look like “07 RC” or “08 RC.” This means it was made in 2007 or 2008, respectively.

Pictured: Puma Staghorn Folder

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