Folding Knife Know-How: What is a G10 Handle?

COAST's FX350 Folding KnifeThe lingo of the knife world is unique. When choosing a tactical knife or folding knife, it’s useful to understand the vocabulary for types of blades and handles. Today we’re exploring a specific type of folding knife handle, the G10. You can find a G10 handle on our FX350 folding knife.

Basically, G10 is a term for a high grade of laminate. To make this material, manufacturers weave glass cloth into epoxy resin. This process creates a strong material with high impact resistance as well as dimensional stability.

For the knife user, the G10 handle feels lightweight and strong. Our customers also tend to use the word “grippy” when describing the G10 handle on the FX350. Another advantage: G10 does not convey heat or cold, as aluminum handles will. (This, in combination with its lack of electrical conductivity, is why G10 is also used in the electronics industry—often for printed circuit boards.) Additionally, G10 is resistant to grease, water, and oils. Finally, many knife users appreciate how the G10 material looks—sleek and strong, especially in comparison to FRN, another knife handle material that many people think looks chintzy and cheap.

If you opt for a G10 knife handle, we recommend making sure that the design includes comfortable texturing. G10 can be manufactured with a smooth or textured surface, and for maximum grip, we recommend going with a textured handle.

The G10 handle on our FX350 tactical knife is contour-machined on one side and open frame on the other. To add even more grip, we included thumb notching on the blade, handle, and frame. A 9Cr17Mov stainless steel blade and a frame lock make for an exceptional cutting experience. In the FX350, we’ve created a top-of-the-line folding knife that is unparalleled in control and power.

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