Find a Local Winter Hike Destination

Champoeg State Park MuseumAre you dying to get outside this winter? Then, go! A local Oregon newspaper recommended one of its state parks recently, dubbing it a perfect spot for a “gorgeous winter hike.” I only mention this particular park because it’s close to home, and I can confirm it as a great location from being there first-hand. Plus, it has a funny name: Champoeg (for those of you who don’t speak Oregon, it’s pronounced “sham-POO-ee”).

The article’s author, John Carr, writes: “For a winter hiker, the Champoeg area has a little of everything to brighten your day: pioneer history, beautiful views along the Willamette River, migratory wildfowl and some good exercise…”

Carr follows his introduction with a brief history of the Champoeg area, and he then gives specific instructions for enjoying a hike around the park. In addition to beautiful hiking trails, the state park also offers camping. In fact, a night in Champoeg was the first camping trip I took last summer. And if you’re headed out there, pack a frisbee and give the disc golf course a try.

Regardless if you visit Champoeg or not, resolve to get out of the house and enjoy the last breaths of winter. Before you set out on a winter hike though, make sure you’re familiar with all the necessary equipment and safety precautions. Winter can be an especially hazardous season, so it’s best to be prepared.

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