“Female Friendly” LED Lighting Products…Seriously?

An LED lighting manufacturer is preparing to “unveil female friendly lighting products” at an upcoming home and housewares show in March, according to a recent press release. Female friendly? Gimme a break. If that doesn’t shout, “Women are inferior!”, I don’t know what does.

Apparently, the company’s research shows females are expressing a growing interest in their LED lighting products, so they decided to develop a new line of products that cater to women. I’ll stop here and say, kudos — they’re analyzing the numbers and attempting to capitalize on a trend — but their delivery is downright degrading. I mean, doesn’t the term “female-friendly” imply that women have difficulties using conventional flashlights?

Read another one of their selling points:

Women everywhere often face situations while ‘on the go’ where simple tasks such as retouching make-up, finding a cell phone in a large handbag, applying nail polish, or merely catching up on reading (yes reading!) become challenging due to the lack of uncomplicated and lightweight solutions.

Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, but are you not slightly offended by some of the assumptions this company is making? Take the phrase “uncomplicated and lightweight solutions.” I guess I didn’t realize that turning on an LED flashlight was complicated? I, for one, can never find those huge on/off switches! And they’re so heavy these days!

And what’s with the parenthetical “yes reading” emphasis? Is it hard to believe that women actually read?!

Look, if you want to sell products for women, great. Tell them you’re making a product for them. Don’t say it’s because they’re incapable of using the ones you’ve already produced.

As far as we’re concerned, our products here at Coast are made “uncomplicated and lightweight” because those are things everyone wants — not just women.

[pictured: Mini Tac Torch]

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  1. Deb Van says:

    Yeah, I agree, sounds condescending. Their marketing team needs to “refocus”.

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