Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

Always make sure you travel with the proper tools, like this high-quality turkey skinning knife from Coast.

Always make sure you travel with the proper tools, like this high-quality turkey skinning knife from Coast.

Fall is finally here, and with it comes the fun and adventure of turkey hunting season. But before you grab your LED flashlight and hunting knife and head out into the woods, it’s good to make sure you know the basic ins-and-outs of fall turkey hunting. Here are a few useful tips for a successful hunt this year.

1. Practice Calling
Turkey calls are one of the most important parts of the hunt. Don’t be too concerned if your call doesn’t sound “perfect”. Just like no two humans sounds alike, each turkey has a different sounding call. As long as your call is consistent and confident it will definitely convince the turkey.

2. Scout

Scouting is also an important part of fall turkey hunting. It’s best to practice scouting before the hunting season starts, that way you already know the basics of the birds’ behavior. Scratching is the first thing you should look for. Always follow a trail slowly and deliberately – move too fast and you run the risk of scaring away the flock.

3. Be Patient
Turkey hunting takes time to master, especially if you’re just starting out. It also requires a lot of slow, steady movements. A successful hunt could take all day, so make sure to pack a light lunch and bring water. If you are a naturally impatient person, turkey huntingmay not be the right sport for you.

4. Know Your Shotgun
It’s extremely important to know the effective range of your shotgun. You may be the best shot in town, but if you’re using a shotgun that you’re unfamiliar with your skills won’t matter much. Test your shotgun with some target shooting before the season starts to get acquainted with it.

5. Shoot Correctly
Never try to shoot a turkey from farther than 35 yards away. If you’ve spotted a bird or a flock, make sure all your movements are slow and deliberate. Raising your gun too fast can scare turkeys away. Always aim for the turkey’s head or eye – body shots don’t always kill the bird in one shot.

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