Fairview is First with LEDs

Fairview is the first town in Texas to build a street exclusively lit by LED lighting, according to a press release from Cree, Inc.¬†Additionally, Fairview joined the LED City initiative, an international program that promotes the deployment of energy-efficient LED lighting. The city’s newly constructed, four-lane Fairview Parkway, features 82 LED street lights.

“Fairview is proud to join the LED City initiative with the opening of the first new street in Texas lit entirely by LED street lights,” said Mayor Sim Israeloff. “The quality of light is superior even to what we anticipated and is far better than what could have been provided by traditional lighting. In addition to better light quality, the town can reduce maintenance costs, improve safety, practically eliminate light pollution, and dramatically reduce energy consumption.”

Cree reports that the LED fixtures are designed to last an average of 12 years, depending on use. Estimated energy savings and reduced maintenance costs are targeted at $250,000 over the anticipated lifetime of the LED lights. The street lights also feature advanced optics that, coupled with the directional capabilities of the LEDs, allow light to be aimed exactly where it is needed, providing even illumination of the street and eliminating dark spots and unwanted light pollution.

Fairview is just one or many cities implementing the use of LED streetlights. Read more about what other cities are doing below.

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