Excerpts from “LED Flashlight Photography”

LED Flashlight Photography

LED Flashlight Photography

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the latest Coast articles, you probably have read all about this. If not, you’re in for a treat.

Coast recently published an article looking at a fascinating photography technique that uses LED flashlights and bulbs to create dramatic, creative effects. According to the article, photographers can use LED flashlights to “’paint’ light across an image”, creating “effects not possible in Photoshop”.

Here is a snippet from the article, in which the author talks about different ways to use LEDs in “light painting”:

“Adding LEDs to your photography is a great way to enhance your pictures.LED lights tend to be on the small side, and don’t give off a whole lot of light. This means that you will need a lot of LED lights to get the picture quality you desire. It just so happens that LED lights are probably closest to the cheapest things on the planet, so you can get dozens of them for just a dollar or so.

“Also, LED lights are very small. This means that they are wonderfully hard lighting sources. This is because the light of LED flashlights is extremely focused, so they are great for placing flat on the ground in order to light up the bottom of an object or some other straightforward part. However, if you need LED lighting going upward then you can stack LEDs on top of each other in tripod fashion.”

The article also goes into details about natural light photography and the different types of cameras best suited for flashlight photography. Read the whole article, LED Flashlights for Photography, for more information.

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