Top 3 Things to Look for in an EDC (Everyday Carry) Knife

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In our grandparents’ days, a knife was considered a critical tool that should be carried on a regular basis. To this day, a knife comes in handy for a variety of daily tasks that require cutting. Today, it’s less likely you’ll need your knife to skin a carcass or clean a fish, as our past generations did. Still, the everyday carry (EDC) knife does seem to be making a resurgence of sorts.

You might be thinking about the purchase of an everyday sporting knife. If so, there are some basic factors that go into the decision of choosing a knife for everyday use that might be useful to you. In this post we discuss three of those factors.

What to Look for in EDC Sporting Knives

Size & Feel:  Make sure you understand the difference between blade length and overall length. Most US cities have laws banning blades over 3.5 inches in length, but a knife that has a closed length of 3 to 4 inches will pass regulations, and will also fit nicely in your pocket.

A knife is a tool that you have to get used to using. Ideally you will be using it frequently, so selecting a knife that feels right to you is important. For safety, you should feel really comfortable with your blade. Consider handle material, weight, and any ergonomic features such as two-sided thumb studs, as found in the RX311 and our other Rapid Response knives.

Function/Use. Ask yourself what will you use the knife for. The obvious answer is for cutting things, of course. But what will you be cutting? Different blade shapes will be more effective for cutting different materials. For instance, a serrated edge will be more effective for sawing through thick branches.

Secondly, some everyday carry knives can do more than just cut things—they may also include attachments such as a screwdriver, a saw, a bottle-opener, and more. If you’re looking for versatility in your EDC, look for the attachments you’ll use most.

Quality. Sure, you can find a cheapo knife in nearly any big box store. But the money you “save” will turn out to be wasted, once the knife’s cheap construction becomes apparent. Before investing in a knife, look for the manufacturer’s warranty information. Also, do a little research on the quality of knife materials and construction. For instance, our Rapid Response knives feature a patented system to ensure fast, smooth assisted opening.

An everyday carry knife can be a useful tool for just about anyone. Keep these tips on mind as you decide what kind of knife to purchase for everyday use.

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