Essential Gear for Novice Campers

Spring is here, and it’s time to dig out your camping gear. If you’re looking to give a night in the Great Outdoors a try for the first time, Brooke Lorren offers novice campers some help by listing and explaining six essential items you’ll need for camping. Here’s a sneak peak.

According to Lorren, a tent may be the most essential piece of equipment you bring, as it’s your “home away from home.” Also, a sleeping bag to keep you warm at night — even in the summer temperatures can drop dramatically. A flashlight follows next, and Lorren specifically recommends an LED flashlight. LEDs are simply more reliable and efficient than conventional incandescent bulb lights. Similarly, Lorren additionally recommends packing lanterns. And while lanterns may come in many varities, again, a reliable and bright LED lantern is likely your best choice. As Lorren says, “Unless you want to go to bed when the sun goes down, you’ll probably want to have a lantern around your camp.”

Finally, a cook stove and cooler wrap up her list as she makes the practical observation: “At some point while you’re camping, you’ll probably want to eat.” Personally, some of my favorite memories camping revolve around food, so I completely agree that these two items are essential. A cookstove for preparing tasty meals and a cooler for keeping all your ingredients fresh should make for a pleasant outdoor dining experience.

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