Equipment for the TX40 Flashlight

COAST's TX40 LED FlashlightThe TX40 is a powerful, professional use LED flashlight that is easily adapted to a variety of uses and conditions. Its sophisticated optics system produces a bull’s-eye spot beam, which throws light as far as 518 feet (158 meters), while also providing an outer ring of scattered floodlight.  While light output is the first consideration for any worthwhile torch, the TX40 LED flashlight also offers several different accessory options that you might not know about.

First, you can attach the TX40 to the undercarriage of a rifle using our Universal/Picatinny Rail Mount (7733RM). Actually, since the 7733RM has a one-inch interior diameter, you can use the rail mount to attach any flashlight with a one-inch diameter to your rifle. The rail mount is constructed from solid aluminum; it is rugged enough to last a lifetime.

The COAST TX40 LED flashlight is also compatible with an optional (not included) momentary pressure switch that allows the flashlight to be switched on and off while holding a weapon in firing position. This add-on accessory, Model 7733TS, attaches to the rear end of the flashlight, and allows the user to turn the flashlight on and off via the switch, which is attached to a short cable.

With these two accessories, you can be sure the TX40 will remain securely attached to your weapon. At the same time you’ll be able to turn the flashlight on and off from your firing position. Marksmen will be glad to learn that, like all COAST products, the pressure switch and rail mount have a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

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