Why You Want to Win a Coast HP21 LED Flashlight

HP21 LED FlashlightWhen it comes to LED flashlights, the Coast HP21 is top of the line. This high-performance LED flashlight offers ultimate brightness and functionality; its unparalleled performance is the result of our more than 90 years of experience with lighting technology and is backed by our lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re not trying to sell you this LED flashlight. We’re offering to give it to you for free.

Each month, you can sign up for our drawing for a free HP21 flashlight. Not sure why you should bother? Here’s a look at what makes the HP21 stand out among LED flashlights:

Brightness. Clocking in at a whopping 1,317 lumens, the HP21 is the brightest of the bright. In order to provide the right amount of light for any task, it has three available brightness modes: high, low and strobe. To give you an idea of this LED flashlight’s power, it produces 207 lumens on its lowest setting – that’s more than light than most LED flashlights produce on their highest settings.

Beam distance. The HP21 LED flashlight also has a penetrating long-distance beam, which ranges from 337 feet on the low setting to 852 feet at full power. That means this torch has a powerful ability to light up far-away objects.

Focus control and beam consistency. With our unique Speed Focus Control system, this flashlight can easily switch between a diffuse flood beam for area lighting and a focused spot beam, with none of the dark rings most focusing LED flashlights have. That’s because the HP21 makes use of our proprietary Pure Beam Focusing Optic System, which produces a superior beam consistency across the board.

Durability. The HP21 LED flashlight is encased in heavy-duty aluminum, which holds up well under vigorous daily use.

In short, the HP21 represents the pinnacle of high-performance LED flashlight technology. You know you want one. Sign up here for our monthly drawing.

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