Employee Review: Coast’s PX25 LED Flashlight Packs a Surprising Punch

PX25 LED FlashlightTo help test out our new line of Coast LED flashlights and headlamps, we asked several of our associates to try them out and write up their thoughts. We’ll be sharing their honest reviews in a series of blog posts to help you decide on your next LED flashlight.

When the time came for me to select a new torch to light my way during my outdoor adventures, I chose the PX25 LED flashlight because it seemed to offer a little bit of everything: plenty of lumens, a nice penetrating spot beam and lots of spill for decent area lighting.

Boy did I make the right choice.

The PX25 uses Coast’s bulls-eye spot beam pattern, throwing a blazing hot spot surrounded by a surprisingly bright corona. While many spot beams are too narrowly focused to produce much usable flood light, this one’s plenty bright enough for just about any use I can imagine putting it to, from camping to hiking.

Not only does this flashlight throw a killer beam that fully lived up to my expectations, but it comes in a compact cylinder that fits perfectly in my smallish hands and is easy to tuck into a side compartment of my purse or backpack. At just over an inch in diameter, fewer than five inches in length, and weighing only 4.2 ounces, it’s small enough to avoid the cumbersome feel of most flashlights – without sacrificing brightness or beam quality.

And have you seen the indestructibility of these things? The aluminum casing may be lightweight, but it’s tough. When you hold this LED flashlight in your hands, you know you’re holding a source of light that’s solid and dependable – not some flimsy piece of cheapness that feels like it will break if you breathe on it wrong. You could back a car over this flashlight, and it would keep on shining. (That’s no exaggeration, by the way; it’s been done.)

My only complaint about this flashlight is that I wish the transition between the hot spot and spill was a bit more gradual. However, that’s a small nitpick on an otherwise excellent LED flashlight.


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