GizWiz Finds COAST Emergency Lamp ‘Perfect for the Car’ or Boat

COAST LED Lantern:  EAL20 Lighting OptionsCamping weather is here, and Dick DeBartolo, the GizWiz and veteran MAD Magazine writer, recently featured one of the best outdoor accessories, the COAST EAL20, on his blog. This COAST LED lantern has four different light settings, plus variable light technology that allows you to adjust the intensity of light – from 375 lumens to 100 lumens.

Great for the Boat or Car

If you’re a boater, never leave home without a COAST LED lantern. Night or day, the flashing emergency LED light on the EAL20 is perfect if you need to signal for help. Otherwise, use the solid red LED light to illuminate your path if you are hunting from your boat at night.

In addition to being a great outdoor light, DeBartolo points out that the COAST EAL20 is “perfect for the car.” Hang the lantern from the underside of the hood when you need to make repairs, or keep it in your trunk as an emergency light. If you get stuck on the side of the road, use the flashing emergency LED light to alert other drivers.

More Features of the COAST EAL20

  • 80-hour run time.
  • Four LED light modes: flashing red, solid red, area light (white LED) and energy-saving light (white LED).
  • Dimmer switch.
  • Built-in battery life indicator.
  • Compact, durable casing (8.25 inches tall).
  • Uses only four D cell batteries (not included).
  • Handle at the top of the COAST LED lantern allows you to hang it from a hook.

Check out DeBartolo’s GizWiz video about the COAST EAL20, or learn more about the lantern from his Netcast.

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