Emergency Area Lights to Have on Hand before Disaster Strikes


Tornado season is just around the corner, and hurricane season isn’t far behind. Before the next catastrophe hits, make sure your home and workplace are equipped with LED emergency area lights. Remember, in the aftermath of a disaster, it may be difficult (if not impossible) to get access to energy. You will need reliable, energy-efficient area lights to get anything done – and to stay safe. Our COAST LED lanterns are an excellent choice, since they boast long run times.

Now, you may be asking, “Why do I need an LED lantern? I have plenty of flashlights and candles that can function as my emergency area lights.” Well, candles are a fire hazard, and it’s hard to get any work done while holding an LED flashlight. While an LED headlamp will free your hands, it’s too directional to provide adequate area lighting. An LED lantern is a must-have because it can light a whole room, thereby creating usable light for many individuals.

From an energy efficiency perspective, an emergency LED light is preferable to an incandescent bulb, since LEDs last longer on less power. This is also preferable for emergency situations, when you can’t be sure when the power will come back on, as a longer-lasting source of light is better.

We’d like to highlight two LED lantern options that will serve your family or office well in an emergency. First up: the 17-lumen EAL10 LED lantern.  At 5.75 inches in height, this emergency LED light is small enough to fit almost anywhere, from your car to your office desk. We especially love the long run time on this LED lantern – it will go for 30 straight hours on one set of AA batteries.

If you’re looking for a bit more power, we recommend the 7.5-inch-tall EAL15 emergency LED lantern.  With a light output of 60 lumens and a run time of 50 hours, this is an ideal emergency area light. The EAL15 features a built-in hanger, making it easy to place this lantern right where it is needed.

A protective cage shields the plastic globe of both of these emergency area lights, and both models have four light modes: Solid red, flashing red, pure white area light and an energy-saving mode.

While you may purchase the EAL15 or EAL10 for emergency purposes, we’re betting you’ll find recreational uses for these lanterns, as well. Camping, for instance, is greatly improved with an area light illuminating your camp spot.

If your office or home lacks an LED lantern, we recommend obtaining one now – before the next big disaster strikes.


[ Photo by: KOMUnews, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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