Holiday Shopping: Give the Gift of Disaster Preparedness

My gifts were the prettiest, as alwaysGiving emergency supplies as a holiday gift may seem boring or overly practical, but doing so sends the sign that you deeply care about your loved ones’ welfare. Plus, many emergency items are great “tuck-ins” for those presents that just need a little something extra. For example, an emergency LED flashlight is easily tucked into a stocking, as is a multi-tool. Finally, with all of the natural disasters around the world these days, no one on earth would turn away an extra chance to be prepared. Giving a disaster prep item as a present gently encourages your family members and friends to put together their own emergency kits.

Here are our top five disaster preparedness gift ideas for the holiday season:

1. Emergency Area Lights: Lanterns

Electricity is one of the first things to go in an emergency – and there’s no guarantee that power will be back any time soon, as Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath has proven. An emergency LED flashlight makes a great holiday gift, certainly, but many people already have an LED flashlight or         two. For those well-equipped individuals, emergency area lights are a better choice. Should a disaster strike, an LED lantern will be easy to carry and set up in temporary housing. Emergency area lights not only light families’ way to safety – they also create a warm ambiance no matter where they’re set up. Of course, if your loved ones never have to use this gift for an emergency, it will still come in handy for camping adventures.

2. Food Stores

At least 72 hours of food and water should be included in any basic emergency kit. One cute gift exchange idea for couples is to give each other bulk food. For instance, he could buy her a 10-pound can of sugar while she buys him a 10-pound bag of rice. We suggest looking for products with an extremely long shelf life so as to avoid throwing away food supplies. For instance, Saratoga Farms’ cans of white sugar will last up to 20 years.

3. Multi-Tool

Multi-tools make great gifts because they can be used every day, not just during an emergency. From repairing a leaky sink to preparing game, a multi-tool can serve all kinds of purposes. And because it’s a present, you can splurge and choose a model that will amaze your loved one. For instance, the Coast LED145 multi-tool not only includes two knife blades, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, pliers, flathead Phillips screwdrivers and scissors – it also boasts a built-in LED in the handle to perfectly light any task.

4. Emergency Weather Radio

For around $30, you can buy an emergency weather radio for your loved one. When cell phone networks are out of service and telephone lines are down, emergency radios continue to pump out emergency information. With an emergency radio, your gift recipient will never be out of the loop as far as inclement weather is concerned.

5. Emergency LED flashlight

This is a wonderful disaster prep gift for the new couple or for the young adult who is setting up his or her first home. We recommend an emergency LED flashlight over incandescent models because LED bulbs are more energy efficient. While a high-end tactical LED flashlight will certainly work in an emergency, a less-expensive general use model will also perform well. For instance, our G30 Focus Beam LED flashlight is great for emergencies, thanks to its unbreakable LED and 478-foot beam distance. If you’re willing to invest a bit more, look for an emergency LED flashlight with a flashing emergency setting, such as the Coast HP5TAC Focusing LED Flashlight with Tactical Strobe.

A few other emergency-themed holiday gifts include cell phone adapters that plug into car cigarette outlets and full winter or emergency survival kits. Give emergency supplies this holiday season to make sure your loved ones are prepared for anything.


[ Photo by: vsmoothe, via CC License ]

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