Dove Hunting Ban in Minnesota?

While most hunting seasons are free from excess legislative interference, it would seem that anti-hunting groups in Minnesota are asking the state government to ban mourning dove hunting. This is a controversial decision in the area because the mourning dove is the number one game bird hunters pursue in Minnesota.  The popularity of mourning dove hunting actually exceeds that of geese and duck hunting in America.

The Mourning Dove is a swift flying member of the pigeon family.  Minnesota hunters can find these doves in open harvest fields where seeds and grain are plentiful. It is recommended that hunters use non-toxic shot to alleviate lead distribution in the environment.  Hunting these birds has been a long standing tradition in many states.

The reasons why the ban is being considered is not entirely known.  Some of the decision is based on conservation opinions brought out by anti-hunting organizations wising to ban hunting altogether. Hunting advocacy groups, like the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, have called the ban an attack on hunting and have lobbied against the bill. 

You can learn more about Mourning Dove Hunting in Minnesota by visiting the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources.

Photo by Hunting College, Indiana

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