Do you pamper your knives?

You’ve heard of pampering your wife with a day at the spa, but what about pampering your knife with a day at the spa? Just like a good husband knows the importance of wife maintenance, any good hunter, fisherman, or avid adventurer knows the importance of proper knife maintenance. Particularly, if you’re a knife aficionado, caring for your collectible or antique knives is a worthwhile investment.

And that’s why the Ambrosi family, founders and owners of Master Grinding Service, recently developed a new concept for their struggling knife maintenance business: Here, the age-old trade of sharpening knives is turned into a luxury experience in which knives emerge rejuvenated and sharper than ever before.

Personally, I think the marketing move was brilliant, and I’m apparently not the only one, as Master Grinding Service is now flourishing, receiving up to 30 shipments a week and working with a number of commercial establishments. Though, I would hope a “knife spa” wouldn’t be a necessary amenity for every knife-wielder. Quite frankly, if you call yourself an adventurer, you should know how to sharpen you own knife as well as how to take proper care of your blade. Actually, if you own any knife other than those in your kitchen, proper knife maintenance is a must-have skill.

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[pictured: Coast Bowie Knife]

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