Cree to Outfit 650 Walmarts with LEDs

walmart_greenLast week, Cree announced that it had been selected to provide energy-efficient LED lighting to Wal-Mart for new stores and renovations.

According to a press release, Wal-Mart plans to install LED light bulbs from Cree in 650 stores in order to replace the ceramic metal halide lights in the produce and electronics departments. Additionally, Cree’s recessed LED downlights are also being used in new construction applications.

The Cree LED lamps were selected for their energy-efficiency, long lifetime, controlled beam, and high color-rendition. Designed to last 50,000 hours, the LED lights consume 82 percent less energy than the ceramic metal halide bulbs, and they can last more than five years in a 24/7 operating environment. The unique design of the LED also reduces glare for customers, focusing attention on the merchandise and not the lighting.

“Cree [LED technology] delivers high quality light — making food and merchandise attractive, which we believe enhances the customer’s experience,” said Neal Hunter, Cree LED Lighting president. “We’re able to do all this while reducing energy consumption and eliminating toxic mercury. The selection of Cree’s lamp followed a thorough analysis of performance, in-store evaluations, and return on investment.”

Now Wal-Mart, the king of price savings, is becoming the king of energy savings, too. To see what other organizations are doing, check out our LED news section.

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