Collecting Military Knives

Knife collecting is a popular hobby that can take many forms.  Many people collect all one brand, such as Puma knives or Bowie knives. Other people collect style of knives such as single blade or locking blade knives.

Military knives can be an excellent collection piece. For the collector who loves to read and research, collecting military knives can be a very rewarding hobby. You may wish to begin by collecting any military knife that you find, but after researching, reading the history of various conflicts and the weapons that they carried, you may choose to specialize further.

Finding your own niche can be a rewarding alternative when collecting as well. Consider collecting knives that have been carried by marines, or maybe collect Korean War era knives. The choices are endless. The only way to know is to begin a collection and see where it leads you.  Most find that as they delve deeper into a hobby, they become more and more entranced by specific aspects of the hobby. The niche ultimately reveals itself.

Once you begin a military knife collection, take the time to care for your knives correctly. Any collection is more enjoyable if you can handle it, show it off, and you certainly can with knives. Once you are ready to put them away, it doesn’t hurt to wipe them off with a soft cloth, and store them so that the handles do not rub against each other, or in the case of a fixed blade knife, the blade does not rub against another knife.

Pictured: The HP LED Lenser Raptor Tactical/Field Knife

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