COAST’s PX50 Featured in The Jerry Hall World Record Dive

Jerry Hall with COAST's PX50

Jerry Hall has been breaking diving records since 2002, when he beat the previous Guinness World Record for longest freshwater SCUBA dive. At over 71 hours, Jerry’s dive was more than 12 hours longer than the previous record dive. But Jerry didn’t stop there. In 2004, he broke his own record with a dive that lasted 120 hours, one minute, and nine seconds. The dive did take a toll on Hall’s body—he emerged from the depths of Tennessee’s South Holston Lake 20 pounds lighter, with bloodshot eyes due to burst blood vessels. His feet were so saturated that he couldn’t walk normally for about six hours following the dive.

But a new contender would soon drive Hall back to the watery darkness. In 2011, a Groveland Florida diver named Allen Sherod beat Hall’s previous record by 13 minutes.

This year, Hall was determined to beat that time while also promoting safe SCUBA diving. Moreover, he hoped his dive would help raise funds for Speedway Children’s Charities, the Bristol Motor Speedway’s charity organization.

On August 1st of this year, Jerry Hall brought the Guinness World Record for longest SCUBA freshwater dive back to Tennessee. He stayed submerged for 145 hours, 31 minutes, and 22 seconds.

What special technology did this amazing diver take with him into the record attempt? Well, for one thing, he had a television set playing the 10-part HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers.” We’re betting that helped with the psychological aspects of spending five days underwater!

Another must-have piece of technology that Jerry Hall brought along on his record dive: The COAST PX50 LED flashlight. Specifically made for diving, this torch is waterproof up to 60 meters, or almost 197 feet! That’s about the height of a nineteen-story building. The PX50’s case is neon yellow, making it a snap to find in any conditions. We also include a nylon lanyard as a handy tether to the diver’s wrist. With a light output of 131 lumens, and a 9 hour, 15-minute run time, the PX50 is the ideal LED flashlight for divers of all ability levels, from newbies to world record holders.

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