COAST’s HL7 LED Headlamp and a Story of Survival in the NZ Wilderness

Matthew Parrett Story 1

The COAST HL7 LED headlamp recently saved Matthew Parrett’s day—and perhaps his life! Matthew works for Charton International, one of our major distributors in New Zealand. He and his lively crew have quite a mountaineering tale to tell—one that involves over 30 extra hours of hiking, walking, and route finding.

Matthew Parrett Story 3

Matt and his team were within 400’ of the 4888’ Chest Peak in Christchurch, NZ when they had to turn around due to difficult whiteout conditions. The climbing party settled on a different route for the return trip, but also missed a critical turn in the blizzard conditions. They were not lost, so to speak, but they were seriously off-track, and their wives back home were so worried that they initiated search and rescue. A day later the climbing party signaled back that were ok, but again got off course and had to navigate down a creek bed at night. This is where the COAST HL7 headlamp really helped out.

Matthew Parrett Story 2

After several of hiking, climbing, and trying to find their way home, Matt and his climbing partners followed a stream that dropped down 1900’ in elevation. The climbers had to negotiate around waterfalls, fallen logs, and many other hazards in the dark, finally reaching a farmhouse at 11:30 pm.  The HL7 LED Headlamp really saved the day for these mountaineers. Without a solid, dependable light source there is no way they would have been able to pick a route down the creek over dangerous and unfamiliar terrain.

A Winning LED Headlamp: The HL7

When you’re in a hairy situation like Matthew’s, you’ll be thankful to have top-of-the-line LED technology on your side. Some of the life-saving features of this LED headlamp include the Bulls Eye spot beam pattern that provides focused light at 357 feet, with an additional outer ring of diffused light. The HL7 also has a larger power switch and focus bevel, making it easy to operate in less-than-ideal conditions. Finally, an expandable power cord is built into the HL7’s headband to reduce snagging.

Matthew concluded his harrowing tale on a light note: “If my wife ever lets me out of the house again, I will most certainly be taking my HL7 with me,” he says. For everyone whose spouse worries about their extreme outdoor adventures—and for those who just want a dependable headlamp that will reliably work in almost any conditions—the HL7 is a winning choice.

Matthew Parrett Story 4 with LED headlamps

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