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When you’ve been blogging about LED lights for as long as we have, you get creative about finding topics. We’ve covered LED flashlights and headlamps from every conceivable angle—scientific, environmental, thermic, and even bovine.

LED technology fascinates us, and we enjoy finding unusual LED facts for our readers. By periodically analyzing Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools data, we can see which blogs earned the most reader visits. Below, we present some of our most popular blogs, according to the number of page views each blog had during the last year (July 2012 through August 2013).

LED Lights: Why Mosquitoes Aren’t Attracted to Them
Page Views: 1,600

This blog explains how the cool operation of LED lanterns eliminates the warm temperatures that mosquitoes seek when swarming around other outdoor light sources.

Games to Play Indoors During Power Outages
Page Views: 990
A power outage doesn’t have to bring to boredom (for older kids) and fear (for small tots). Instead, you can have a blast playing old school games in the dark, with just a flashlight or headlamp. A great read during this time of year, as late summer thunderstorms rumble across the country.

From Radio Receivers to LED Flashlights: An LED Odyssey [Infographic]
Page Views: 620

Since its humble scientific birth (the discovery of electroluminescence in 1907), the LED light bulb’s reputation for environmental conservation has grown exponentially. Today, cities across the country are saving thousands of dollars by installing LED lights. (Santa Monica saved $90,000 by converting to LED traffic signals.) Look back over the historical lifespan of LED technology with this handy infographic.
What’s the most helpful or fascinating LED blog post you’ve ever read? Share in the comments below so that fellow flashaholics like us can enjoy!


[ Photo by: Alejandro, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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