Tactical Knives Magazine Gives COAST Rapid Response Knives a Review

COAST Products' Rapid Response 3.9-inch bladeIn the September 2012 issue of Tactical Knives magazine, Steven Dick reviews COAST’s Rapid Response Knives. Dick starts the review by giving a brief history of COAST (the same company that offers a multi-tool for every occasion, as well as the always-handy LED flashlight and LED headlamp) and states, “…it takes something special to impress me, but COAST has managed.”

In the article, Dick discusses the Blade Assist Technology (and Max-Lock blade locking system that knife maker Ron Lake integrated into our line of tactical knives. The reviewer has a bias toward larger every-day carry knives because of his larger hands, but he favored the Rapid Response 3.9-inch blade in his field tests. Incidentally, he found that even the knife with the 3-inch blade comfortably fit his hand. Elements of the 3.9-inch tactical knife that Dick appreciated include the texture of the checkered nylon on the handle; ambidextrous thumb studs; a reversible steel carry clip; and other features that both right- and left-handers will find helpful. In addition to tactical uses, the author suggests using the knife for cleaning fish, gardening, home improvement projects and self-defense.

Dick warns readers to not let the affordable price of the Rapid Response Knives be an indication of their quality, as “it is hard to beat (the quality and price) for everyday working knives.” The review also states that the Rapid Response Knives “instantly open with total reliability, despite intentional failures to clean the action.” For the icing on the cake, Dick proclaims, “You never know how handy a one-handed opening knife really is until you carry something like the Rapid Responses for a while. Suddenly, you don’t understand how you ever managed with a conventional knife in the past.”

Check out COAST’s Rapid Response Knives and put them to the test today. Like Steven Dick, you won’t be disappointed.

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