Halloween Safety Guide by COAST Products

Halloween Pumpkin carving 9As your little ghouls and princesses hit the streets this Halloween, it’s crucial that they have proper illumination to light their way and announce their presence to drivers. Below, we’ve gathered our top choices for Halloween LED lighting, as well as a few general trick-or-treating safety tips.

Clip-on safety lights for visibility. Pedestrians and bikers stay safe by clipping LED safety lights onto their clothing or gear. These small, lightweight LED lights pack a punch – they’re certain to make your trick-or-treaters highly visible to drivers. For a little extra fun, place the LED lights inside translucent candy collectors. For instance, if your child will be carrying a plastic pumpkin for gathering treats, tape an LED light inside for a fantastic effect. (LED lights are cool to the touch even when illuminated, so there’s no fire hazard here.)

Provide an LED flashlight for each member of your trick-or-treat crew. LED flashlights are easy to carry, highly effective, and fun! Little ones love playing around with flashlights – shining them into the trees, making spooky “ghost story” faces while shining their LED flashlight upwards, etc. If you’re feeling especially creative, try incorporating the LED flashlight into your child’s costume. Let’s say, for instance, that little Billy is dressing as Luke Skywalker this year. Our TX10 LED flashlight would make a great “light saber” – especially when on the green light setting.

Choose LED headlamps for hands-free illumination. Ask any trick-or-treater: The first Halloween objective is to get as much loot as possible. For the serious candy hunters out there, we suggest a headlamp rather an LED flashlight. That way your little munchkin won’t have to juggle a torch while opening his or her bag wide for treats.

General Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

  • Trick-or-treating should never be done alone. Older kids can walk in groups; younger children will need adult chaperones.
  • A couple of days before All Hallows Eve, do a trick-or-treating test run. Notice potential tripping hazards, and adjust costumes accordingly. Test costume makeup on small patches of skin to make sure no allergic reactions will occur. Talk about safety rules at this time; for instance, remind children to look both ways before crossing a street.
  • Plan a safe route before setting out. Instruct kids to avoid cutting through alleyways or yards. Older kids and adult chaperones should carry cell phones in case help is required.

With a little forethought and the proper lighting, your kids can enjoy a safe, successful trick-or-treating run this Halloween.


[ Photo by: Free Flower, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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