Coast Products: “Everyone Friendly”

Yesterday, I wrote a post about a new line of so-called ”female friendly” LED products. The company releasing the “products with a pink twist” said it was due to the lack of uncomplicated and lightweight solutions. Frankly, I beg to differ. Below, you’ll find a handful of Coast products that are just that — uncomplicated and lightweight. Not to mention, they’re what I like to call “Everyone Friendly.”

LED Lenser P2

With an aluminum casing and rear switch, this LED Lenser High Performance model is the essence of lightweight and uncomplicated. At only 4 inches long, the P2 is the epitome of convenience.

Coast Micro Flex Light

Inherent in its name, this small LED light comes complete with a flexible neck for optimal beam direction. With a one-touch front power switch, this LED innovation seems pretty simple to me.

Nano Tac Torch

Really, it doesn’t get much smaller than this. A lightweight aluminum casing and 2.5 inches in length make the Nano Tac Torch one of the smallest LED lights available.

Mini Tac Torch

The Nano’s older brother, the Mini Tac Torch carries with it the same conveniences — rear on/off switch, key ring, aluminum casing, and power-saving LED technology.

As you can see, Coast offers plenty of practical solutions for everyday situations. In fact, there are a host of other similar LED products providing the same lightweight and uncomplicated convenience.

So, there you have it. Coast: Everyone Friendly.

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