COAST Product Super Bowl Match-Ups: HL5 vs. HL7 Headlamps

HL5 vs. HL7 LED HeadlampsToday’s Coast Super Bowl matchup is between two of our finest LED headlamps. On one side, we have the HL5 LED headlamp; on the other, the HL7. Both make for a top-quality LED headlamp, but only one can win today’s game.

Headlamps provide all the hands-free flexibility you need when hiking, camping or even fixing a car. But there are various factors that come into play when we compare these two excellent headlamps. To begin, let’s look at the basic stats of each headlamp:

Power and Strength



Output in Lumens: 175 196/3
Run Time: 3.75 hrs 5.75 hrs
Beam Distance: 183 ft 357 ft
Weight (with batteries): 4.4 oz 4.4 oz

Right out of the gate, the HL5 scores easily with its practicality and solid, even beam. Thus, for general-purpose use, the HL5 does the job just fine. With about four hours of battery life and a consistent output of 175 lumens, this LED headlamp will work exceptionally well for most environments and activities. Even just looking around the house for a misplaced item can be a lot easier with this hands-free LED headlamp’s strong beam. The hinged attachment can be easily adjusted for a different beam position, making it versatile for everyday practical use.

Of course, where the HL5 excels for practical purposes, the HL7 headlamp dominates in specialized cases. With a longer beam distance, stronger output and longer battery life, the HL7 works much better in more demanding situations, such as spelunking and other intense activities. By halftime, the HL7 has more than evened the match.

Halftime Score: HL7 (21) – HL5 (24)

Stamina and Flexibility

Not long after the start of the second half, fatigue started to set in for the HL5. Indeed, stamina is what sets these two LED headlamps apart. While both perform well for general use, the HL7, with its optional low-light setting, can extend its battery run time as much as 70 additional hours! The HL5 has the tools to get the job done, but it does not have the run time and optional power-saving settings to clinch a win. In the end, the HL7 is just too much for the HL5 to keep up with.

Final Score: HL7 (42) – HL5 (31)

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