COAST Product Super Bowl Match-Ups: Bowie Knife vs. Damascus Folder

Hunting Knives: Damascus vs. BowieThis Coast Super Bowl matchup should be a good one! Going head to head will be two of our most popular knives: the Bowie Knife against the Damascus Folder. Bowie knives, of course, are well known in film and television. Damascus hunting knives, on the other hand, are known for their high-quality craftsmanship.

To be sure, both types of hunting knives are made from the finest stainless steel formulas. Gauging today’s winner will not be easy; both are superior knives, well known around the world for their utility and durability. In order to get some idea of each knife’s strengths, we will first look at the basic stats. After that, we can discuss some of the other perks each blade has to offer before deciding on our new champion.

Bowie Knife
Damascus Folder
Blade Length:
8.5 in
2.5 in
Knife Length (overall): 

Clearly, if size is your thing, then Bowie Knives are what you are looking for. With a 14-inch overall blade, you could probably cut your way through all but the thickest of jungles with one of these! What the Damascus lacks in size compared to the Bowie knife, however, it makes up for it in overall quality. Both knives have fine handles that provide a solid grip. But the Damascus Folder has a stag handle, which some purist would argue is preferred over hardwood.

Likewise, Damascus hunting knives do have a higher-quality blade. The Damascus steel is a mixture of 72 different layers of steel and 6 layers of carbon. While some might argue that the modern type of stainless steel used in Bowie knives is just as strong, if not stronger, it is the ancient steelmaking technique that gives the Damascus the edge. At the end of the first half, the score remains close, but it looks like the Damascus Folder has some tricks up its sleeves for the second half!

Halftime Score: Bowie Knife (24) – Damascus Folder (24)

When it comes to the perks these hunting knives have to offer, it is the Damascus Folder that goes the extra mile. Not only does Damascus steel just look cooler, with its unique, intricate design pattern, but these hunting knives offer a flexibility you can’t get as easily with the larger Bowie knives. The smaller and lighter Damascus Folder allows for more speed, control and maneuverability.

Granted, the Bowie knife is not without its perks. For instance, it does come with a leather sheath and a helpful brass guard and pommel. For cutting large objects, the guard and pommel will help keep your hand steady (for example, when skinning wild game). However, the Damascus Folder’s lockback ability sets it apart from the Bowie knife in terms of portability and convenience. Being able to easily retract the blade when not in use makes Damascus hunting knives easier to store and carry than Bowie knives. The Damascus wins today’s matchup due to its quickness and durability.

Final Score: Damascus Folder (45) – Bowie Knife (38)

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