Winter Camping Equipment | Coast LED Lantern

Winter campers – don’t forget that being prepared is the primary step in ensuring safety in the wilderness. Packing enough food, water, warm clothes and blankets is key to winter camping safety.  Having bright and long-lasting light sources to signal for help or just light your camp during the long-winter nights is also important. Coast LED Lensers lantern is made exactly for this purpose.

LED lanterns are what most campers are moving to these days. They are safer – no propane, matches or flames are needed to get the light you need.  There are also no mantles to fumble with and no worry of a breaking the class casing of a propane lantern.

The Coast lantern is perfect for winter hunting or camping as well as for emergencies at home. The lantern provides 76 lumens of light with a circumference range of over 50 feet.  The lantern’s 4 D batteries will last over 107 continuous hours and the dimmer switch allows you to use only the light you want.   At just 10.5 inches, the lantern is easy to pack with your winter camping gear.

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