Let’s Get the Gear: COAST LED Headlamp Featured on Recent ‘Portlandia’ Episode

Get the Gear! Here at COAST, we’ve found that our LED headlamps and flashlights have a tendency to turn up in the oddest places. Our favorite so far is the recent episode of Portlandia, in which the uber-prepared super-couple, Kath and Dave, decide to go hiking. But even a quick jaunt through Forest Park is no simple matter, they realize, once you factor in all of the safety gear required for a walk in the woods.

Anyone who has ever taken a stroll through innocuous Forest Park has to laugh as Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein continue to pile on the outdoor gear, even going out shopping for LED headlamps and flashlights – because “you never know, with the lumens, how many lumens you’re going to need” – and baking their own energy bars. By the time these two outdoorsmen head for the trail (on matching segues), they have only 15 minutes of daylight left.

Of course, the best part was seeing Carrie sporting a COAST LED headlamp over her baseball cap! While any sane person would question the need for so much gear, the headlamp is the one thing the couple gets right – especially with so little sunlight left in the day. The moral of the story: If you take nothing else hiking with you, we hope you’ll at least bring along an LED headlamp or flashlight. You just never know when you might end up lost or hiking into darkness.

And maybe snag one those home-baked energy bars, too; they looked pretty tasty.

View the video clip here!

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