COAST LED Flashlights Used in Even More Art Projects!

Light Painting

Did you know that some artists use COAST flashlights to create art? Jason Page is one of these artists, as we’ve discussed in previous posts. Recently, Jason has been “at it again,” painting an incredible image of a waterfall with COAST’s HP314 LED flashlight.

Jason D. Page is a light painter; his webpage describes his work as “Light Painting Fine Art Photography.” Light painting is similar to using media such as acrylics or oils, except that the media is light. Jason works in the 3D space of nature, and uses long-exposure photography to capture his images. As he describes, he works in the dark and locks the camera shutter open as he uses light to “paint his canvas.” From a technical point of view, the most impressive thing about Jason’s work is that it’s all done in real time, and none of it is photoshopped.

On his Facebook page, Jason recently shared a stunning photograph featuring a waterfall cascading down a lush cliff. The rushing white water is illuminated from such a far distance, that commenters on the photograph wondered just how he could light it so effectively. The answer: HP314 flashlight, which Jason calls “one insanely powerful flashlight.”

The HP314 features our Long Range Focusing Optic System, including our X-Range Spot Beam, and our powerful Broad View Flood Beam. With a beam distance of 2,240 feet, the HP314 pierces the darkness, and allows light artists like Jason to extend the reach of their lenses. The HP314 also features a quick cycle switch that allows you to switch between high-output (1,132 lumens), a high-powered strobe mode, or a low-powered (95 lumens) output.

COAST is proud of Jason’s inspirational creations and continues to sponsor him by providing him with the LED flashlights and other gear that he needs for his art.

Another artist who uses COAST LED Flashlights to make art is Aaron Ploog of Awake at Night. Although this artist does use Photoshop, his technique is similar to Jason’s. Aaron creates his work in the darkness, also using long-exposure photography. The colors in Arron’s pictures are not computer-generated but rather come from the moonlight, stage-lighting gels, and handheld LED flashlights. As described on his webpage, Aaron literally runs around, “climbing in and out of these old cars and rustic buildings flashing colored lights while the picture is being taken.”  His piece entitled “Sleep Outside” was taken using COAST’s HP7 LED flashlight.

While we tend to design our flashlights for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement and rescue professionals, we’re thrilled to see them used for such artistic purposes.


[ Photo by: Tristan Schmurr, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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