Top 3 COAST LED Flashlights to Use for Inspecting Firearms



Whether you’re looking to buy a firearm or simply hoping to take care of the guns you already own, bore inspection is an important step in checking and maintaining a gun’s operability. A strong flashlight is key in inspecting and cleaning bores.

Imperfections in the bore, such as deep pitting, will diminish gun performance. During gun inspection, you’re looking for a bright bore with crisp, easily seen rifling.  A bore inspection light will come in extremely handy during this and other steps in gun inspection.

Below, we compare three COAST LED Flashlights’ performance for inspecting and cleaning firearms.

COAST LED Light Products for Inspecting Firearms

 LED Flashlight
This rechargeable inspection light produces a strong circle of consistent light. It’s easy to charge—just slide on the Pro Flex Charging Cap and plug the other end into a USB, DC, or AC power source. Finally, the A9R’s stainless steel body is sleek and easy to clean.

Diameter: 0.370 in/ 9.40 mm

Light Output: 54 lumens
Run Time: 3 hours

PX7 Bore Inspection Light

Especially designed for bore inspection, the PX7 includes a diffuser cap to cut down on glare within the bore. As gun gurus can attest, glare makes it difficult to see bore imperfections.

Diameter: Works with .223 caliber and larger

Light Output: 27 lumens
Run Time: 29 minutes

HP2 LED Flashlight
If you’re looking for an LED penlight that you can use for bore inspection, the HP2 is a great choice. A twisting bevel lets you slide between a highly focused, nearly perfect circle of light and a more diffuse central hotspot of light surrounded by a halo of more scattered light.

Diameter: .56 in

Light Output: 66 lumens
Run Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

As you can see, each of these LED torches has their own strengths. If you’re just looking for a bore inspection light, the PX7 is probably the best option for you. The HP2 is a powerful focusing LED penlight that you can use for bore inspection. The revolutionary A9R LED penlight is unique in its rechargeability; it also excels as a bore inspection light.

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