COAST LED Flashlights, Emergency Area Lights, Knives Lifetime Warranty in North America

COAST's HL8 LED Headlamp

COAST’s HL8 LED Headlamp

Every COAST knife, tool, and light purchased in North America is protected by our lifetime warranty. To be more specific, our warranty promises that our LED emergency Area lights, knives, lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps will be free of workmanship and material defects for the life of the product owner. We stand behind our labor and choice of materials.

Let’s say you purchase one of our LED headlamps. Our warranty covers any problems with the materials or workmanship that went into the making of your headlamp. Here’s what the warranty doesn’t cover:

–Misuse and neglect. We don’t cover damage that occurs as a result of lack of care on the owner’s part.
–Battery damage. Leaky batteries can cause real problems. Our 5 year warranty does not cover damage caused by batteries.
–Normal wear and tear.

COAST electronic accessories (any product with a digital screen) are protected by a similar warranty; they are protected against defects in materials and workmanship for one year after purchase. We promise that our electronic accessories are covered against defects in workmanship and materials for one year. Again, the warranty does not cover damage stemming from regular wear and tear, owner misuse or neglect, and/or battery leakage.

Every product we make, from LED flashlights to multi-tools, falls under one of the above warranties. Should you find a material or workmanship defect that meets our warranty conditions, we will repair or replace your COAST Product. To return a product that falls under warranty, please fill out our return form and include $5 for shipping and handling. For return questions, please call our service department at 1-800-426-5858.

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