Coast: Law Enforcement LED Tactical Torches

Coast Portland recently published an article addressing law enforcement use of LED tactical torches, or high-performance flashlights.

After its introduction, the article opens with a brief history of LED application. First mentioning its historically primary use in high-power applications, interestingly, the LED was also a popular source of light for indoor plant growth.

Following the brief introduction to LED history, the article makes three convincing arguments for the superiority of LEDs. One, LEDs offer increased power and brightness. Two, LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional methods of lighting. And three, LEDs boast a longer life-span than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

The article then turns to law enforcement’s use of the tactical LED torch. A number of applications are identified, the most common being the durable hand-held torch.  As the nature of a law enforcement officer’s duties often require both routine and high-risk situations, a proficient and reliable instrument is imperative. Additionally, the article notes that recent experiments with a crowd control tool known as the “LED Incapacitator” have been proving effective in their early stages.

Finally, the article closes with a tribute to Coast’s exceptional relationship with the tactical torch, citing: “It’s no wonder, then, that law enforcement officers turn to Coast again and again for all their LED lighting needs.”

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