COAST Knife Resources: Our Most Useful Reads on Tactical and Sporting Knives

We’ve been blogging about tactical knives, LED flashlights, and multi-tools for five years. Our first blog post, on fishing knives, was published on January 25, 2008. Since then, we’ve posted hundreds of blogs, some more popular than others. By analyzing page view information culled from Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools Data, we can determine which posts our readers have found the most useful. To bring these helpful posts to your attention, we’ve listed a brief description of each below.

“Serrated Knives: When They’re Great and When They’re Not”
Published in December of 2011, this post had more than 890 page views in the past year. A great read for those wondering which applications are best for a serrated knife, and when a serrated blade may actually be a hindrance.

“Ron Lake: The Man behind the Rapid Response Design”
With over 300 page views in a single year, this post is popular among knife aficionados. We provide a summary of Mr. Lake’s many accomplishments. Ron Lake designed our Rapid Response Knife, one of the most advanced tactical knives on the market today. For those who are interested in what makes a good tactical knife designer, this is a great article to read.

“Rapid Response Knives: What is Blade Assist Technology?”
With more than 330 page views between May 2012 and May 2013, this blog post dives into the details of the Blade Assist technology featured in our Rapid Response Knife.

“5 Fun Facts About Bowie Knives”
With over 550 page views in a year, this blog post lists five little-known facts about the ever-popular Bowie knife. For instance, did you know that it’s a Class A misdemeanor to carry a Bowie knife in Texas? Learn more about this iconic blade by reading our post on it.

We’ll conclude with a sincere thanks to our readers, and a promise that we’ll continue geeking out about knives, multi-tools and flashlights on our blog, bringing you the best information on these tools and how you can use them.

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